Friday's Photo

Weekending the Fiber Festival of New England.  We worked and had fun.  We love being part of it.



FFNE was Ball and Skein's last show for 2015, but until the truck is unloaded, the season's not over, and  the truck is still full.  

Funny how I can almost fool myself into thinking that 'last show of the season'  indicates a break.   That extra week the calendar gave up between the last two shows get subtracted at this end.   Tomorrow, after the truck is unpacked and the displays are stored in the order that they'll be removed in January (the next show),  another section of the warehouse will be packed for the truck. Boxes and boxes of red ribbon. 


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, not the bows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great shot of your booth! So sorry to have missed out coming to FFNE this year. Ugh. "Claw" season is about to get you with those bows.


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