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December 2015


What a shame it would be to waste the gift of warm December days.  The weekend was gorgeous.  Taking a full Saturday off this time of year wasn't possible, but with a bit of planning, we got the afternoon freed up.   The morning was good work; going to the greenhouse for tropicals and the wholesale supplier where we get orchids, silk plants, and ribbon.  

The reward was lunch at a favorite restaurant and an afternoon hike.  


The light was spectacular.  



So were the views.  We made it back to the van just as the sun went down.  We decided to get a bit more work in Saturday night to free up Sunday afternoon.  Another beautiful day was in the forecast.  

I don't do a tree in my house these days.  After decorating all those corporate trees, I really like to keep it simple.   Tw0 weeks or so ago, when we cut all our brush, we also cut a tree for the deck.  As big as would fit into the van, it stands at about 9 1/2 ft.  Lights and (this year) balls.. Visible indoors and out.  



The outdoor pots are filled with greens for the winter.   The wreaths are hung.  If only the guy would come and wash my windows...

Terrarium #2



While I was at the floral supply buying ribbon and balls, I bought a new piece of glass for a second terrarium.  Some of the material I used in this one has been out of the woods for several weeks or more.  It is too early to know if either will be successful.  The temperature in the room has been warmer than I hoped.  Too wet, too warm, too.... ???  I'm learning.