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I was sitting at the kitchen table having lunch.  The sun was coming through the window, making me squint so that I turned to face away.   It warmed my shoulders despite the cold temps and  I started thinking about how very fortunate I am.  There have been a lot of posts on gratitude recently.  The time of year has a lot to do with it..  resolutions, taking stock, looking back and looking forward.  This is a bit about all of that and one other thing.  Attitude.  A friend sent this quote to me over the holidays.   I don't particularly care about the way it is written, but there is an obvious wisdom to it.  It's a good reminder.   No one is responsible for making another happy.  Contribute, of course, but each one of us must set out to be happy, to make it better.  So there it is, my lunchtime meditation.  Attitude. Gratitude. 



They say a blizzard is coming..  



step 1


When I decide to begin a new project, the first place I go to is my stash.  Like many of my friends and accomplices, there is enough stored away to keep me busy for a very very long time.  Usually, hopefully, I can locate what I'm after.  Not always. It's generally best to go hunting with an open mind, as in the picture above. I had no idea what I was after when I searched this time. The lovely dark chocolate is a Romney/ Border Leicester that is all that's left from, if I believe the receipt found in the bag with it, a 12 lb purchase at Rhinebeck in 2007.  And, if I remember correctly, half went to a friend, another 2 lbs was spun and knit into a sweater years ago, and the last (I think) of it, about 24 oz. was carded with 8oz of that dark blue blend merino a few weeks ago.