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never catching up

Turns out, this pile was the tip of the iceberg.  


In case you are wondering, I did say ‘no’, emphatically NO when I was first presented with this pile of jeans.  Where had he been hiding them? Why would he keep them? I had no idea how many more he’d been stashing away.
There were plenty of excuses for not accepting the challenge. Besides, who’d be crazy enough to repair those?   I know the answer now.  Me.  Me! Not all of them, or even the jeans in that photo, but a pile of them.  

The mending bug hit me first with socks.  I’ve found that darning socks is pretty satisfying.  Then there were all those articles and books and posts showing up on intentional mending.  It is a crazy phrase. All mending is intentional. It was the part about making mending visible that kicked me into gear.  

A few weeks ago, I found another stack of jeans without knees placed on the table next to my sewing machine. 



One pair to go. I wonder what he’s hiding next?


Weave rugs with them. He can roll up in the rugs to go out in public, if it matters that much to him. Also? He's hiding the old towels.

Omg! You really think there is more to this?

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