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Walk With Me Wednesday

It has been awhile, a very long while in fact, since I last wrote a post for a “Walk With Me Wednesday.  I’ve often thought of it and spent time on my walks composing posts in my head.  But, by the time I returned home, there was dinner to make, or questions to answer or any of the million things that pop up in a day to take you in any other direction than that in which you hoped to head.  But something happened last week.  My friend Carole decided to start writing ‘Walk With Me Wednesday‘ posts.  All week long I thought about how much fun it was to see where walks took my friends and that I have missed reading these shared posts.  Now, during this time when I rarely see anyone, or go anywhere with anyone, would be a perfect time to take you along.  Beside all of that,  I want to tag along on your adventures. 

Last week was golden.  In the hills, we go first to reds and bright oranges, then to bright yellows and golds and lastly to the burnished gold and bronze I walked through today.  This year has been spectacular.  I worried early on that the winds would take the leaves, and they did take quite a lot.  But, they left carpets of color everywhere.


This morning we woke to large wet flakes of snow.  Not the kind that sticks and stays but flakes dancing in the air, frosting the deck and icing the birdbath.  It was lovely while it lasted. There is little color left. The poplars, birch, aspen and cottonwoods are bare. After breakfast, I walked up the road to the edge of my neighbor’s field to admire the view. Only the tamarac and beech decorate the horizon. A few more nights in the 20s and another predicted in the teens.. with snow at the end of the week.. guess we’ll see what’s left next Wednesday.



Oh, it is lovely to wake up to a blog post from you! I miss you and Chris and the obsessive, woolly, creative world of fiber festivals. But! I am retiring tomorrow, literally, and I've been thinking I should go back to blogging and maybe even post on Instagram now and then, as a way to keep in touch with what passes for the real world these days. I just made a note in my calendar and I'll try to post something next Wednesday.

Thanks for the beauty this morning!

So happy to see your post. I miss a few of my favorite knitting bloggers but still have them in my Bloglovin' feed so I'm notified of new entries. I live in FL so we don't get beautiful colors. I love reading about/seeing all the gorgeous vistas. Thanks for taking us on your Walk!

I'm so happy to see the photos of your walk and read your words! Welcome back, my friend!

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