Friday’s photo

What a crazy week. I don’t think I ever really got a hold of it.  The days melted together, raced by and here we are. Friday. 
My last project came off the needles a week ago. I can’t seem to choose the next one.  This afternoon I started to wind a couple skeins into balls, realized that one of the skeins wasn’t in the studio at all, but still hanging to dry in the barn.  Worse, I wasn’t sure if I had a copy of the pattern.  Tomorrow. My hands don’t sit well quietly.  

I have been working on a newish series of photos.  Here”s one from the series ‘fields’.



My hands don't like to be quiet either! I hope you settle on a project that brings you joy.

I hear you...my week got away from me as well! I'm taking a little time today to play catch up. Your picture is stunning!!

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