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I just know that there is a sign somewhere on their flight path south, pointing to our pond. There has to be. Every fall Canada geese visit the pond. They arrive in the later part of the afternoon and spend the night, sometimes days.  Most years, there are 50 or so.  This year, it has been closer to two hundred at a time.  They arrive in several skeins, flying wedges that begin honking loudly just before we can see them over the treetops.  The do a quick flyover before circling around, setting their wings into a glide and lowering their legs, landing gear.  With great ruckus and a spray of water, they enter the pond. If another gaggle is already in the pond, they land to great fanfare. There is much boisterous honking.  Often, part of the skein can’t land and flies back up to circle the pond another time while room is made in the landing  area.  This happens several times a day.

Friday afternoon, while I was in the yard putting the garden to bed, the geese started to honk in a way I’d not heard before.  It was urgent and loud, and full of warning.  They were gathered together in one huge mass of geese, all facing in one direction.  Coming across the pond toward them was a bald eagle!  
Saturday afternoon it happened again, three times.  I ran to get my binoculars.  It was a different bird, not quite as large.  I don’t know what kind it was.  Not a hawk, at least not one I could identify. Possibly another eagle, a juvenile.  

The weekend was cold. We kept the wood stove going.  I did what knitters do and cast on.  Another soft and light sweater is on the needles!







How cool to see bald eagles! Those geese must be noisy. I'm always fascinated by the behavior of birds to return to the same spot over and over again.

Wow, 200 geese! We have about 2 dozen Canada geese who call the pond across the street from me home through out the summer. They are still there but have been taking their practice flights which means they will be leaving soon. I'm always sad when they leave...(Ken is always glad...they sometimes poop on the lawn..ha)

What sweater are you making now? I love the look of softness!

_To a Waterfowl_ by William Cullen Bryant

A poem we learned in 6th grade (48 years ago). I still can quote a great deal of it.

Great to read about your geese, and remember the peanut M&Ms we got as we memorized each stanza.

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