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The past weekend would have been hectic and exhausting and wonderful, but the in person Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival was cancelled and the Virtual version took its place.  Instead, of driving nearly two hours each day,  I set up the studio in the same way I’d set up my show booth, put my sign out at the end of the road and had a very very relaxed kind of weekend.  The raw, rainy weather that has been stalled over the kingdom for the past week,  never let up. It was good to be indoors.  

I spent my studio time blocking a sweater, winding up all of the sock yarn I’d dyed last week and managed some knitting while chatting with a friend.  

This is the third Love Notes, I’ve knitted.  After wearing the first one all last winter, I hung it up in the display.  It looks like new.  That little bit of mohair and silk make all the difference.  While the inventory is on display, I did a bit of shopping for myself.  There’s a dark charcoal sweater in my future using this combination of yarn, one lace wt. silk mohair with a fingering merino.  Warm and light as a feather!


Miss you! Also, I should knit that sweater (I am ignoring the fact there's a new sweater WIP not 10 feet from me, that just needs an hour of thoughtful knitting before I get back to blissful stst).

But that pattern is delightful (now ignoring the closet half-full of knitting WIPs).

Yarn: why is it so addictive? (We need a monthly knitting Zoom. Maybe even weekly.)

Testing comments

I'm trying again! This time on the computer. That sweater is a STUNNER. And I'm intrigued by that blocking device too!

Thanks Norma. I got it. Chris built the sweater blocker for me. We did several prototypes thinking we might sell them. So much work! That project went on the back burner but I sure love them!

Ball and Skein

That sweater is fabulous. Nice to see you back in this space, too.

I LOVE this sweater!! If I ever finish my large brown blob that I am knitting, this is going on my list too. Welcome back!! ❤️

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