A long time ago, before I became a dyer, I blended different types and colors of yarn together to make wonderful multicolored, textured skeins.  I knit them into afghans and sweaters.  Most of them are not only favorites but still in use. Then, I became a dyer and didn’t look back, until a year or so ago.  Wonderful patterns started popping up using different yarns held together.  I put it on back on my list.  

I’m late to this party, but loving Love Note. 

One strand of Noor and another of Weatherfield, both in Elderberry.  

What are you knitting this summer?

Friday’s Photo


An aside, having nothing at all to do with the photo..

An hour ago, I poured a cup of coffee and stood in front of the window gazing out at the pond. Overnight, it had begun to freeze.  The icy skin had progressed as far as the first island.  It is 21F.  Now, less than 60 minutes later, the ice has expanded to cover nearly all of the 6 acres that is my pond.  I am in awe.  

point of view

A funny thing happened the other day, Halloween to be exact.  Here, in my house, if the gutters need to be cleaned, I am the gutter guy.  There is something about climbing onto the roof that I find terribly appealing.  Perhaps its the change in my point of view.  In every house I've lived in, except one and that needs to be rectified, I have spent time sitting up on the roof.  That morning, during my second cup of coffee, I heard C start up the leaf blower.  It was time to climb.  The two chores go together. The gutters were full of leaves and leaf muck.  I'm scooping and tossing the stuff to the ground (a couple of floors down) when I encounter this lump that just doesn't want to come out of the gutter.  It was a bit yucky and I'd neglected to bring my rubber gloves.  Oh well, I was up there, best get on with the job.


I try again. Finally I look down in and what do I find???  This poor little fellow...  um.. yuck...


For him (or her) I needed a glove. Really.  After all, I'd only had TWO cups of coffee.  Not nearly enough to handle this slimy guy. And, I'd need a container to put him into to carry him safely to the ground.  (.. and of course, I wanted my camera, how many of you were gifted a frog (toad?) first thing in the morning on Halloween..?)  He was squirming.  Down I went.  I was afraid if I took to long, he'd jump, little fellow.  The story ends well. 


I figured I was pretty lucky to find him on Halloween.   

But on a fibery note, check out the colors... my favorites, brown and black together...  and a great nubbly texture.  You can think warty (if you are the half empty sort), but it's much better if you think NUBBLY, trust me on this.