well... hmmmmm...

Every now and again, someone asks if I crochet.  It's difficult to answer.  I've made scarves.  I guess the only pattern I've ever tried to follow would have been for a potholder.  But, I have crocheted quite a lot of free form sculpture.  Rather large pieces, as a matter of fact.  I don't have any of them, anymore.  Somewhere in my files, I have pictures.  What I do have, are these....sort of an ongoing fascination.




Surprised??,  Don't all go screaming from this blog at once.  The next one is set in my mind.  I have the umm... specimen, but the fiber has been eluding me.  I need something dark greyish, hard, maybe with a bit of waxy shine.  The baskets are small, 1"-2".  Doesn't take much, I just can't find what I'm looking for.