a teaser

Tomorrow, Chris and I will finally leave for that trip to Tucson that we had to cancel last February when Chris landed unexpectedly in the hospital.  After the past couple weeks of bone chilling cold and snow, I am really looking forward to a bit of sun (and the warmer temperatures).  Before I go, I thought I'd leave you with this little teaser of a photo that Thea Colman sent me yesterday.  


Ibisco teaser pic

I'm pretty excited about this.  It is knitted in Ball and Skein's Lyra.  Its so soft.  I can't wait to start one for myself.  It'll have to wait until next week when we return.  This is a carry on trip, so a one skein project is more in order.  The yarn will be available for pre-order later this month.   The pattern should be out the beginning of February.  More on it when I return.  

winter days

After the snow there was freezing rain.  It continued into the third part of a winter trifecta, hours of hard rain that froze onto every surface that had been cleared of snow.  By morning the walks and drive were thick with ice, an impenetrable, slippery menace.  Getting the car UP the drive was impossible.   The ten feet I managed were given back as the car slid back down from its stalled position.  Scary.  Nothing to do but wait to see where it would stop.   I'm not a wimp when it comes to weather, but I really hate moving around on ice.  Good that there were so many indoor things to do.  Laundry.  Dyeing.  Office catch up.  Phone calls. 

Hello, this is xxx market.

me: Hi, Can you connect me to the butcher, please.
Just a minute.

Meat department.
me: Hi, I'd like to order some pork livers.
Oh, you must be the pork liver lady.
me: er..mm.. I guess I am.  Yep, I'm the pork liver lady.
Where's the pork liver guy?

me: The pork liver guy,  uummmm..... he's busy.  Can I order the pork livers?
Sure, but he usually calls, and you come by and get them.

Nothing like a reputation, is there? 

Looks like today will be more of yesterday.  Cold icy days moving from one to the next.  Good thing that the dyeing part is fun.  It gets squeezed into the in between, the cracks of time, making everything else feel a little brighter.



Am I the only one out there who has not knitted Clapotis?  Am I?  It has been on the list, almost forever.  Last Thursday's guild meeting bumped it to the top.  No exaggeration, there must have been six new Clapotis on display that night.  All beautiful.  I went home thinking about what yarn to use, what colors to dye, what.. what!  I pictured knitting one in a more or less monochromatic colorway.  That was before.  In the morning, I walked outside (as I do) and saw this.  The clincher.


After coffee, I went to work. 


I dyed eight skeins of the Artisan 2 ply and then a second batch in the sock yarn.  Last night I finally had time to cast on.  I'm waiting to take a picture until I do the first column of dropped stitches.  That's when I'll know.

Meanwhile, ice is setting up on the pond.  Nippy, let me tell you.  Don't let this picture fool you.  That lovely gold is not autumn leaves.  They are a memory.   It is the golden glow, the beautiful end of the day light, of winter.


new kids in town

What with all that has been going on, and the problematic phone lines, these weren't posted onto the website when I'd hoped.  Finally, they are up. 

Copper_leaves     Wall_street

Ember     Ember_sock_yarn

Dark_peony    Shadowed_hills    

Fallen_leaves    Iris_2

Thanks for all your good thoughts on the clear cut issue.  Talks continue.  Skidder arrives next week.  Time will tell.


Dsc_0040    Dsc_0044_2

Dsc_0046    Dsc_0050




65% merino / 20% bamboo / 15% silk

I've been knitting a scarf with it and can tell you that the drape is terrific, it is soft and it is absolutely washable! I've also posted six new sock yarn colors.  Nothing like a wool festival to get me motivated. I spent an hour or so at the mostly 'local' library getting these pictures posted.   They have wireless.  My other choice is a slightly more local pizza place but then I end up drinking a wonderfully large glass of stout or something and lose my concentration.  Mrs. Paul just tapped me on the shoulder, time to go get Chinese for dinner.   

summer, now you see it, now you don't


I'm still dyeing.  The weather has been perfect, cool, great light, and low humidity for drying.  If it holds for a few more days, I'll be in good shape for next weekend. 

It was 34F Sunday morning.  It felt like a soup day.  C thought he saw frost in front of the shop when he went down there, but I don't think so.  The beans were in good shape and I saw no damage anywhere.  Usually the ferns will brown up if they get hit.  I am about to give up on the idea of red tomatoes this year.  Maybe green tomato pickles are in order.  Fingers crossed.  The past few years we've gotten through September without a heavy frost.   I actually considered putting flannel sheets on the bed.   Imagine that.   

hot, cold, & sock yarn

Read a chapter, jump in the pond and cool off, move chair wherever the breeze blows (if there is one is blowing), read chapter, jump in the pond, ...  Last week was hot, rip your clothes off hot.  Today is cold.  Cold enough that C has been wearing a knit cap, and socks.  Perfect day, I thought, for dyeing.  By 7:30 this morning, I had the dye pot going.  Then the skies opened up, the lightening snapped and flashed, and the thunder....well Bu went and hid under the bed.   I got one batch of yarn in the pot before I decided that standing on a dirt floor under a steel roof, stirring a pot of water heating on an electric burner, in the pouring rain, made no sense at all.  It's been one of those days.   I don't have as much to show as I'd like.  The Harry Potter is finished, and digested.  Some of the alpaca / merino / silk blend I carded over the weekend has been spun just "to see".   

Here are a couple of the colors that I did manage to dye on the days when it wasn't SO hot. 

Gourd  sock yarn
Sure looks bright in that picture, it isn't.  Shades of orange, subtle to a bright rosy orange with khaki undertones.  Guess I need to photograph it in better light.  I made a pair of socks from this colorway last fall or winter.  I tried to go back to reference it, but waiting for pictures to load on dial up.. not in this lifetime.

Dress Blues sock yarn
grey to a greyed navy