building new tools

It is a slippery slope I'm heading down.  Some of my tools were old and beat up when I got them, and that was a long time ago.  The nails on the raddle were rough and rusty.  The warping board had splinters.  Both were left behind by textile students, unwanted even then.  Free was good.  New is better.

Wednesday I drew out plans for what I wanted.


We picked out the wood and got to work.



I sanded the warping board this morning.  By the time I headed back to the shop with a thermos of hot tea, Chris had given both a coat of finish. 


and the raddle..



weekend notes


This was one of the times when weekdays run into the weekend.  The shop has been a busy place and Saturday morning was no exception.  C finally finished up the newest in his line up of table top skein winders.  This one is completely manual.  It is, like the electric model, completely adjustable up to a bit more than 2 yd.  It has a counter and an adjustable hand crank.  I've been testing it. Saturday, it came in handy as a skein holder, a place to stretch out the skeins I was tying in ready for dyeing.  Pretty handy. 


Saturday evening friends invited us to a fabulous, celebrate the summer, party.  The skies looked dark and threatening most of the day.  We were starting to worry, there were supposed to be lots of friends and it was a very outdoor affair.   Around 4pm the sky cleared, just in time.  People living too far to want to drive home, pitched tents around the pond and parked campers in the field.   Party time.  Fantastic food.  A smoker turning out chicken, pulled pork and planks of salmon.  And vodka slushies, my first.  There was dancing.   Thanks to the new laws in VT, there were fireworks! 

Sunday, I headed down the road a bit to a  local alpaca farm.  I wanted to buy some raw fiber.  A baby had been born two days ago, all white.  She was still finding her knees and introducing herself to the other cria.  I came home with two bags of white alpaca.  In the evening I went back to the shop, to card, just a bit.  Lovely by itself.  I spun a small sample, plied and washed it.  I bought it with the idea of having it carded together with merino and silk in ready for dyeing.  Now, I don't know.   So many choices. 

The finale to the weekend was Mother Nature's own.  Meteors!  and lightening.   I watched  'til the clouds covered over the skies.  More tonight.

Back to work so I can rest up for next weekend.