A long time ago, before I became a dyer, I blended different types and colors of yarn together to make wonderful multicolored, textured skeins.  I knit them into afghans and sweaters.  Most of them are not only favorites but still in use. Then, I became a dyer and didn’t look back, until a year or so ago.  Wonderful patterns started popping up using different yarns held together.  I put it on back on my list.  

I’m late to this party, but loving Love Note. 

One strand of Noor and another of Weatherfield, both in Elderberry.  

What are you knitting this summer?

a teaser

Tomorrow, Chris and I will finally leave for that trip to Tucson that we had to cancel last February when Chris landed unexpectedly in the hospital.  After the past couple weeks of bone chilling cold and snow, I am really looking forward to a bit of sun (and the warmer temperatures).  Before I go, I thought I'd leave you with this little teaser of a photo that Thea Colman sent me yesterday.  


Ibisco teaser pic

I'm pretty excited about this.  It is knitted in Ball and Skein's Lyra.  Its so soft.  I can't wait to start one for myself.  It'll have to wait until next week when we return.  This is a carry on trip, so a one skein project is more in order.  The yarn will be available for pre-order later this month.   The pattern should be out the beginning of February.  More on it when I return.  

home again, home again, jiggety jig

While vending at SPA, or anywhere, may not be the most relaxing way to spend the weekend, it sure is a great way to visit with old friends and make new ones.  As with all fiber venues, I am constantly heartened by the sheer numbers of open, friendly and all out exuberant fiber folk.  Amazing!  My time was mostly spent, confined to a 10 X 10 booth.  Kim and I spelled one another from time to time so eventually we managed to get around the vending room and check out all the great fibery stuff that others had brought.  We even managed a bit of spinning when things wound down.  Time sped by.  Sunday morning before we opened, I finally remembered to take a couple pictures.  Too little and too late.

P1030258 I realize now that I should have taken them when friends were present, who wants pics of a nearly empty booth.  Kim sits waiting to open.. 
There are pictures of all the fun elsewhere, out there. 

For me, it is time to start taking pictures of all that I have been busy dyeing and to look forward to the next time, the next festival, when we will meet again.  Thanks to all of you that stopped by to say hi and visit.